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Welcome to Dance Colorfully

Who is Warkenda?

I am a classically trained dancer who never wears matching socks, whose hair is never the same color twice and lives every day in the brightest color shirts possible.   I am also a director, choreographer, teacher, wife, mother and member of the community setting others on the road to changing the world around them in a positive, exciting and loving way. 

What is her mission?

Everyone is a dancer.  It matters not if you are neuro-typical or on the spectrum, in a wheelchair or have full use of all limbs, Deaf or hearing, English or Farsi being a member of the human race, YOU are a dancer. Through my art and teaching I seek to change hearts and minds in hopes of seeing a change in the community and the world thus making this planet a more colorful place to live..  Come dance with me.  Come act with me. Come create with me.  See the world from a different angle. Change the world with me.

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