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Artists, Studios, and Friends

SDC is not just where I teach, it is one place that fuels me and my passion for grooming the next generation of dancers.  A gem of a dance studio in the Lower Susquehanna Valley.

Susquehanna Dance Center

Estelle Dennis/Peabody Dance Training Program for Boys

The ED/PDTPB is a wonderful place for young men to learn to become wonderful well-rounded danseurs. 

WAG in a true way is "Arts for Everyone."  Here, shows are made, classes are taught, and lives are changed.  Here, we more than a group of artists, we are a family.  

Warry Arts Group

Zena Rommett Floor Barre®

Ms. Zena is the genius behind this technique which lengthens, strengthens, and aligns the body.  I return each year to refresh my body and mind in this wonderful method.  

Cultural Alliance of York

Cultural Alliance of York is an organization completely committed to supporting the artists' community in York, PA.   The support the artist through workshops, grants, and education while making sure Arts are alive and thriving in York, PA. 

Passion Planner

A wish without a plan is only a dream.  Passion Planner has helped me grow my business, reach out to and serve the dance community, and expand myself in ways I only could dream of before.  

Artists U is a set of workshops that teaches and encourages artists to not only enjoy their art but also live while making sure they can continue to change the world through their art.  

Artists U

Chelsea is a wonderful graphic designer who helped bring the branding of Black Swan Ballet Company to life.  She also offers hand lettering classes that are relaxing and fun. 

Chelsea Graphic Designer

The American Center for Elemental Music and Movement

The people at ACEMM are a wealth of information and support for those of us who use an elemental approach to teaching dance and music.  

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