Floor-Barre® is a wonderfully gentle way to lengthen and strengthen the body.

Floor-Barre® Classes

Ballet classes for all ages.

Choose Your Own Adventure Dance Classes for Adults/Teens

Ballet Classes

A class for Homeschooled Students specially designed for them and their families.

Homeschool Dance

Classes taught by Warkenda through SDC include ballet for various ages and Floor-Barre®

Classes through SDC

Classes offered through Weary Arts Group in various locations.  Dance, conditioning, stage makeup, acting etc

Classes through WAG

Specially designed classes for the infant, toddler, and pre-school program of Crispus Attucks Early Learning Center

Classes through CAELC

*Black Ballet-  classes and intensives for and with ballet Dancers of Color.

*Stages - A new ballet choreographed by Warkenda and a few of her talented friends.

Coming Soon!!!
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